no one likes flat soda

hi im Mr Soda and im 18 wtf

twitter handle is @mrsodacola

i like shovel knight, vinesauce, achievement hunter, pokemon, snakes, neopets, game grumps, weird kinks, soda, drinks, sushi.............

here are my custom neopet designs idk have a look and feel free to request some! sorry if theyre disappointing.

oh here is my stupidass art, can get nsfw watch out young ones ok (and sometimes other stuff) and here is my deviantart which isnt as updated as it should be r i p

Daft Punk Blog

Whitney's Blog

Spice Dandy Blog

Space Dandy Blog i also have a neopets my name is mrsodacola i think thats how it works???

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Second Description

whoa theres a second bOX